Globalsoft Colombia

Our Colombian Group are software development firms located in Bogotá and Medellin, Colombia. They were established in 2007 and provides a wide range of services including lT consulting services, software development outsourcing, custom software development, onsite technical consulting, offshore software development, application maintenance and database consulting.




IT consulting services

We help clients on how best to use information technology to meet their business needs, by adding value to their existing processes, defining new ones and automating them to address current and future business objectives.
Our technology expertise and industry experience helps to control the costs, reduce risk and increase your business productivity.

We provide end-to-end advanced IT consulting services.

Software Development Outsourcing

It refers to the support brought to our clients in one or more software development stage: software requirements, specification, software architecture, implementation, testing, deployment, documentation, software training, support, and maintenance.

According to the project scale and the stages involved, some of clients’ software development tasks can be delegated to an external development team, allowing clients’ staff to disengage of specific programming tasks and dedicate to requirements gathering and business consulting tasks.

Custom Software Development

This service covers all software development stages and it allows to our clients focus their effort on their inherent and strategic business activities.

Offshore Software Development

A dedicated offshore software development team is the best approach for clients that have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations.

Outsourcing your project to an Offshore Dedicated Team is an excellent opportunity to enhance your business with top-quality.

We can assist you in any of your requirements with our offshore dedicated development team, exclusively engaged in your projects.


The software development technology used depends on customer requirements.

Our services cover the following technologies:
Microsoft Technologies

MAPI, CDO, ActiveX
.NET (ASP.NET/WF/ADO.NET/Enterprise Services)

Java Technologies
J2EE (EJB, JSP, JDBC, etc.)

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