Globalsoft Cuba

Global Soft Cuba is represented by the National Cuban Enterprise Software, best known as Desoft SA, working toward the computerization of society in an accelerated manner. This being the goal to achieve in the short term, developing, marketing, deploying and implementing software and services. This allows you to organize and manage their resources, human capital, which together with its products and services, close the business life cycle.



We are an organization of professionals committed to an effective system of business management, ready to offer our products and services from municipalities. In addition, we have a growing export activity.

Offer comprehensive solutions in it for the Computerization of the Cuban Society.

Business Lines
Development and evolution of computer
We guarantee the development and evolution of computer applications to organizations, supported in the customized applications or software according to the requirements of customer products and with the use of methodologies which guarantee the quality of the entire process, from the conception of the idea to develop and delivery of the final product development.

Sales & product deployment
Marketing to third parties and installation and operation by setting and adapting customer applications.

Applications factory
We develop full or partial cycle projects in the distance A modality for export.

Technical support.
Operational assistance or help online customer, when completed application deployment or products either distance, by telephone, fax, e-mail or residential care in the offices of the client, ensuring the maintenance to facilitate the update and new versions of the installed application delivery.

Computer security
Marketing and deployment of systems of protection against malignant programmers. Consultancies, training, backed up in the existing strategic partnership with SEGURMÁTICA.

We design digital documentation associated with products and applications that our Organization develops and implements.

Publications and multimedia services.
Develops multimedia to customer’s tailor products, as well as publications in digital form for events. These publications are registered in the Cuban Book House with their respective ISBN, code which makes all work contained therein are regarded as official publication.
We offer a comprehensive professional service that includes design, programming and management of your page or website. If customer considers that its current page needs to be renewed and updated with new resources to adapt to their professional or business image, you can count on our team to assist you in its management.

Some of our products:

Systems for the control of Parties and Incidents between entities. Tool of work for the conduct of operations at various levels. Manages processes involve organizations to achieve the objectives for which there are incidents.

Powerful tool as a means of dissemination of information and documentary repository that facilitates the rapid and effective consultation of documents by members of the organization.

Product designed to build and control the payroll on an entity. It is configured according to payment of each customer needs.

Human Resources system that allows control fundamental information of employees of an entity. It is composed of modules: Setup, Personnel, Training, Tables, apart from other inherent in the area of Human Resources operations.

Tool for personal designed for the comprehensive assessment of the requirements of psychological profiles several psychological “test” Automation) in the process of personnel selection and evaluation of job selection.

Some of our clients:
Cuban Telecommunications Company S.A.
PCC Central Committee.
Cuba Post Company.
Company Popular Camping.
Prosecutor General of the Republic.
Government online.
Nacional Institute for the State Reserve.
Technical quoted unit control of radio spectrum.
Program of Social Workers.
National Housing Institute.
Telecommunications and Information Technologies Petroleum Company.
Ministry of Communications, Informatics and Electronics.
Ministry of Finance and Prices.
Ministry of Culture.
Ministry of Education.
Ministry of Public Health.
Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
Ministry of Justice.
National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation.
Tax Administration National Office.

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