Vision Line

The New “Global Soft Vision Line”

GS – New Vision Line N.V. (with the trade name Global Soft Curaçao) is an IT-company with a new outlook on the execution of computerization activities, both based on projects as well as with regard to secondment. The “Global Soft Vision Line” of Global Soft Curaçao originated from its preceding companies, which the undersigned has established and developed locally and internationally throughout the years. Some of these companies were Caribbean Computer Software N.V. (first Softwarehouse in the Caribbean), Info’ Track N.V. (Automation company with, among others, distributor of EXACT-Software in Latin America and the Caribbean) and Willemstad Automatiseringsdiensten (IT-secondment company).

Most computerization companies work with IT-specialists holding a “permanent appointment”. Our vision in this is that nowadays, within the current IT service provision to companies, this is no longer an optimal option as far as the price / performance goes.

Global Soft Curaçao explicitly starts from the requirements as defined by the company/client and desired as such. Global Soft Curaçao retrieves the exact specification which the specialist(s) should comply with (discipline-Profile), both equipment-technical and organizational.

Afterwards Global Soft Curaçao directly proceeds to look for the right person at the right place. We do that in the first place by consulting our database in which the IT-specialists from the three delivery pools (Curaçao, Cuba and Colombia), have been included. Afterwards we make a first selection and subsequently a thorough screening follows.

After this, it’s the potential customer’s turn to decide, through direct calls (agreement) or conference calls, which specialist(s) best qualifies/qualify, in his/her opinion, for the activities to be performed.

After this, the introduction and a trial period follows, which should reveal if the “right IT-specialist” is satisfactory and if this person is available for the route outlined by the client.

Furthermore it should be said that we can offer prices/rates that reduce the competition, since our organization works with people from the region. In addition to this, it has the advantage that a better and faster connection regarding culture, language and climate, shall result in the necessary performance increase.

Global Soft Curaçao
Nico H.M. Willemse